Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Net Worth (3rd Quarter Update)

Originally, I was only planning to provide annual Net Worth updates.  However, since I am now part of an active list of bloggers who provide their net worth on Rockstar Finance's page - The Ultimate List of Blogger Net Worth, I have decided to start providing quarterly updates.  Providing quarterly updates will allow us to keep our readers more updated with our overall progress towards Financial Independence. It will also allow us to stay accurate and current on the Rockstar Finance's Ultimate List of Blogger Net Worth. ;)

At the end of September 2015 (3rd Quarter), our family net worth is as follows:

Retirement Savings:                      $ 397,677
P2P Lending Accounts:                   $  17,472
Dividend Stock Accounts (DSA):     $   68,529
DSA - Surplus Cash:                      $    7,729
College Savings Accounts:              $  46,643
Cash and Savings:                         $  91,146

(Decrease of $16,044 since 6/31/15)

Although we do not count it as part of our Net Worth,
it is still nice to know that our Home Equity is:
(Increase of $13,583 since 3/31/15)

I think I may have spoke to soon...during the last Net Worth, I said that "we have somehow managed to continue to grow our net worth each and every quarter."  Well, whether it is coincidental or not, the streak has now officially ended. 

This past quarter, for the first time since we began tracking our net worth, our family saw in shrink by $16,044.  We had gone from from $645,240 at the end of June (2nd quarter) to $629,196 at the end of September (3rd quarter). Not sure how others did but our family would like to forget about this last quarter and simply look forward to next quarter.  After all, we did have a record quarter in terms of putting new capital to work for us.  In all, we put $10,117 of capital to work for us.  The monies invested is projected to provide $531.35 in forward dividends.  Hoping we see dividends, literally, in future months and net worth reports!!  

Although we don't consider our home equity as part of our Net Worth, we understand that some people do.  So to be fully transparent, we would like to report that our home equity did grow $13,583. nevertheless, our Net Worth (with home equity included still decreased by $2,461 from $1,095,328 to $1,092,867.  It's a pretty awesome figure when you include the home equity but until we can accumulate 7 figures without our home equity, I don't consider myself a millionaire. 

* NOTE: If you follow us, you know that we do not consider the home equity in our home as part of our net worth. Although others do consider home equity, and even cars, collections, etc. as part of their net worth, it is our opinion that since these items are not very liquid and the value of these items is highly dependent on what others are willing to pay for them (at the present time), we have decided not to consider these type of assets as part of our family's recognized net worth.


  1. Always nice to see a solid net worth update even if it's in the red slightly. I guess the focus should be more on the income your assets produce rather than simply the value of your assets. Real estate, stocks and most other assets rise and fall but the income that those assets produce are more stable, tend to grow and are more reliable.

    1. DivHut - with the market somewhat unreliable these past two months, we are certainly glad to have our dividend income still come in consistently each and every month. In fact, with the record number of buys and capital spent during this recent downturn, our forward dividends still look pretty bright even though our Net Worth is not reflective of shinier side of things.

      Thanks for stopping by and providing a different perspective on our Net Worth. AFFJ

  2. Good work on a solid update. Stock markets fluctuate, and based on allocation they can fluctuate a lot. A few weeks ago our portfolio was down 10%, but that's just part of the game. For the record, I'm with you on not including home equity in your networth stats. I like to have investments that are working for me.....not vis versa.

    1. Income Surfer - the last two months have been great for investors looking to build their portfolio but had the opposite effect on existing investments. We certainly took the opportunity to average down our costs basis on quite a few companies.

      Glad to hear we are not alone in our sentiments towards non-liquid investments such are our home. :)

      Best wishes! AFFJ

  3. Considering the stock market volatility we saw during Q3 that's not too bad of a quarter. And that's pretty impressive seeing y'alls net worth almost at $1.1M when you add in your house. The key is to focus on the important things and that's that y'all set a personal record with over $10k invested throughout the quarter which will just spur on better growth in the future. Our net worth has always been a secondary benchmark for us because market movements are really starting to shape the direction of out net worth and the important factor is whether the income from our assets can cover our expenses which net worth just doesn't tell you. We're not there yet but we're on our way!

    1. JC - it is fun to track one's net worth but, you are right, a six-figure net worth doesn't mean much if it doesn't generate enough income to cover one's expenses. In fact, that is also why we chose not to count our home as part of our net worth. To that end, sounds like we should be celebrating the $10K invested and the future income it will generate rather than dwell on the decrease to our current net worth which will likely fluctuate from time to time.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving us with your thoughts. AFFJ