Below is a list of Dividend Stock Investing & Personal Finance blogs that I found throughout the community. I have gained a lot of inspiration and knowledge from some of these bloggers.

Dividend Stock Investing

  1. Accumulating Assets 
  2. A Christian Investor
  3. A Dividend Dream! 
  4. All About Interest
  5. American Dividend Dream
  6. Average Dividend Yield
  7. Balanced Dividends 
  8. Be Smart Rich
  9. Building Income Investments
  10. Canadian Dividend Investing
  11. Captain Dividend 
  12. Compounding Income 
  13. Davids Financial Freedom Journey 
  14. Desidividend
  15. DivGro
  16. Dividendasaur
  17. Dividend Beginner
  18. Dividend Compounder
  19. Dividend Chimp
  20. Dividend Daze 
  21. Dividend Diplomats 
  22. Dividend Developer
  23. Dividend Diatribes
  24. Dividend Digger
  25. Dividend Diversity
  26. Dividend Dolphin
  27. Dividend Dozer
  28. Dividend Dreamer  
  29. Dividend Driven
  30. Dividend Empire
  31. Dividend Earner
  32. Dividend Family Guy
  33. Dividend FIREman
  34. Dividend For Starters 
  35. Dividend Geek 
  36. Dividend Growth Center
  37. Dividend Growth Info 
  38. Dividend Growth Investor 
  39. Dividend Growth Machine 
  40. Dividend Growth Portfolio 
  41. Dividend Growth Stock Investing 
  42. Dividend Growth Stocks 
  43. Dividend Hawk
  44. Dividend Ladder 
  45. Dividend Life
  46. Dividend Lord 
  47. Dividend Miracle 
  48. Dividend Monk
  49. Dividend Pursuit 
  50. Dividend Quest
  51. Dividend Reaper 
  52. Dividend Rider 
  53. Dividend Road
  54. Dividend Seedling 
  55. Dividend SWAN
  56. Dividend Ten
  57. DividendTIME 
  58. Dividend Vet
  59. Dividend Wisp
  60. Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment
  61. Dividends and Hobbies
  62. Dividends 4 Future 
  63. Dividends 4 Life
  64. Dividends Are Coming
  65. Dividends In Hand
  66. Dividends Down Under 
  67. DivHut 
  68. Divvy Dad
  69. Done by Forty
  70. Drip Til Rich
  71. Happy Healthy and Wealthy Girl
  72. Harvesting Dividends
  73. Income Surfer
  74. Investing Pursuits 
  75. Investment Hunting 
  76. It Pays Dividends 
  77. I Want to Retire Soon
  78. FI Fighter
  79. Financial Freedom Dividend 
  80. Financial Freedom to the Divorced People
  81. Financially Free by 40 
  82. Financially Integrated  
  83. Forward Dividends
  84. Get Financially Integrated!
  85. Little Dividends 
  86. Millennial Dividends
  87. Mr. Free at 33
  88. MoneyMaaster
  89. My Dividend Dynasty
  90. My Dividend Pipeline 
  91. New to Dividends 
  92. Passive Canadian Income
  93. Passive Income Dude
  94. Passive Income Mavericks 
  95. Passive Income Pursuit
  96. PolliesDividend
  97. Race2Retirement 
  98. Retire Before Dad 
  99. Roadmap2Retire
  100. Simple Dividend Growth
  101. Simply Safe Dividends 
  102. Sure Dividend 
  103. Tawcan 
  104. The Broke Dividend Investor
  105. The Compound Investor
  106. The Conservative Income Investor
  107. The Dividend Guy
  108. The Dividend Life
  109. The Dividend Pig
  110. The DIV-Net 
  111. The Expat Investor 
  112. The Intelligent Investor Blog
  113. The Passive Income Earner
  114. Twin Dividends 
  115. Two Investing 
  116. Wallet Engineers 
  117. Wallet Squirrel
  118. Young Dividend
  119. Zero to Zeros 

Money & Personal Finance

  1. 1500 days
  2. Attract Your Development
  3. Budgets are Sexy
  4. Cashville Skyline
  5. Eat Drink and Save Money
  6. Finance, Frugality and Student Life
  7. Financial Samurai
  8. Finance Wand
  9. Frugalwoods
  10. Hello Suckers
  11. Johnny Money Seed
  12. Leighs Financial Journey
  13. Living Free 
  14. Market Realist
  15. Million Dollar Journey
  16. Money Smart Guides
  17. My Own Advisor
  18. My Stock Fox
  19. Retire Happy
  20. Rockstar Finance
  21. Save Invest Give 
  22. Stock Ideas
  23. Stock Trades
  24. The Frugal Girl 
  25. Young And Thrifty


  1. Hi there! My forward looking dividends are about $200. My portfolio value right now is about $4,800.

    Thanks for including me on your list!
    Wallet Engineer

    1. You are welcome Wallet Engineers....keep growing those dividends! :) AFFJ

  2. Time to update for a 2015 estimated dividend income. This is a great page!

    1. DivHut - I just updated your est. dividend income and hope to get to others sometime this week. Glad you like it DivHit...I thought I'd add a little extra touch to my blogroll. :)

      To all - In case I fall behind on my updates, please feel free to leave me a message with your updated dividend income. Thanks. AFFJ

    2. Will this page be updated?

  3. Thanks for including me here! My updated annual dividend is now $3700. Johnny still hasn't gotten around to posting his portfolio yet...I'll have to get him to work on that! :)

    1. You're welcome Scott. Way to grow those dividends!!

      I have updated your annual dividends. Thanks for the message. Send me message if or when Johnny updates his portfolio. :)


  4. Thanks for the add. I am happy to be on your blogroll

    1. I just returned the favor. By Virtue of your blog name and the fact that I list from A to Z, your blog is on top :-)

    2. You're welcome Dividend Dreams...Sorry it took so long, there were a few similar names out there so I hadn't realized I had missed you.

      Thanks for the add as well - especially since we are at the top! ;) AFFJ

  5. Replies
    1. You're welcome Adam...looking forward to following you on your personal finance journey towards FI. AFFJ

  6. Like the awesome list, especially the dividends! I've added you on my blog, AFFJ!

    1. Thanks for adding us to your blog. Hope you've noticed we've done the same. :) AFFJ

  7. Hi AFFJ - Can you do me a favor and update my URL to

    Lucky me, I had a trademarked name and I am being forced to switch sites. Dividend Dreams will be shutdown by the end of this week. Thanks

    1. Sorry to hear...we just updated our blogroll to Sorry it took a bit for us to respond and update. Best wishes. AFFJ

  8. Hello AFFJ

    Can you add me also to your blogroll?

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    Sharon - Divorvcedff

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  11. AFFJ,

    Which are your favorite sites on the list? I went through a couple and I noticed they have been updated in over a year.


    1. Sorry, I meant they have *not been updated in a year.

    2. Peter,

      I follow and therefore like a few blogs, but if I had to pick my favorites, I'd have to say Roadmap 2 Retire, Passive Income Pursuit, Div4Son, Dividend Hawk, Dividend Diplomats, Sure Dividend, Tawcan, I Want to Retire Soon, and Dividend Growth Stocks.

    3. Thank you. Right now I actively follow Passive Income Pursuit and yours. You both have great blogs. I will check out these other blogs.

      It is really refreshing to meet other people that utilize dgi type styles. I'm sorry it took me so long to find them!

      I really like your collection of stock purchases. I am in the process of trying to understand financial reports so I have been trying to find stock analysis tools that focuses on comparing finances.
      I am naturally a collector also so I have been collecting alot of duds!

  12. Hey AFFJ, we really appreciate that we're on your (impressive) blogroll. Would it be possible to change our URL on here and your stock purchases page to ? As it has the free one on there.

    Tristan & Jasmin

    1. Tristan and Jasmin - I've updated the link here. Thank you for your ongoing contributions to the DGI community! :)


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  25. Hi AFFJ

    Thanks for writting and for a good blog ;)
    I would be very glad if I could be visible on your site
    I will ofcourse put your on my blogroll. Iam just finising tha last things on my website.

    Greetings from Sweden

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