Dividend Income

I've been investing in single stocks for several years, but I haven't always invested in dividend paying stocks.  For that reason, I haven't always tracked my progress. What you see below represents our family's dividend income since I began tracking them about a year and half ago. Click on the following link to view our current Dividend Stocks Portfolio.

2020 Dividend Income

  • January 2020 : $447.18
TOTAL YEAR-TO-DATE (2020): $447.18

2019 Dividend Income

TOTAL YEAR (2019): $3,602.38

2018 Dividend Income

TOTAL YEAR (2018): $3,359.19

2017 Dividend Income

TOTAL YEAR (2017): $2,415.88

2016 Dividend Income

TOTAL YEAR (2016): $3,139.42

2015 Dividend Income

TOTAL YEAR (2015): $3,092.16

2014 Dividend Income

TOTAL YEAR (2014): $2,495.11

2013 Dividend Income

  • January 2013 : $68.89
  • February 2013 : $79.80
  • March 2013 : $237.62
  • April 2013 : $6.11
  • May 2013 : $58.22
  • June 2013 : $822.61
  • July 2013 : $158.18
  • August 2013 : $.04
  • September 2013 : $140.40
  • October 2013 : $106.15
  • November 2013 : $44.94
  • December 2013 : $172.52
TOTAL YEAR (2013): $1,895.48

2012 Dividend Income

  • November 2013 : $72.12
  • December 2013 : $132.83


  1. Looks like you are running fast up towards your goals. Nice to see your dividend progress from a few dollars in the past to couple of hundreds now. Looks like you will greatly exceed your last year's income.

    1. Martin - After several years of investing and many mistakes later, I finally feel that our family portfolio is finally on the right track. We have made significant strides these past two years but the market has definitely help our progress. Thanks for stopping by...hope you continue to follow us on our journey.

  2. I dont know but it seems that the funds you have payout very different than the norm. From my experience with my funds, and from viewing others in blogs, December almost always is the highest paying dividend month. I hope you can review it or maybe transfer assets to something better.

    1. Rich Uncle EL - My current portfolio has remnant of my past. In that, I use to take on a lot of risk and my holdings were never viewed as long term investments. I'm in the process of re-balancing and de-risking my portfolio. My portfolio is a work-in-progress so I hope you continue to check back to see the transformation occur.

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comment. AFFJ

  3. What a great blog and a wonderful dividend Income. For sure, the dividend income is not high but you have a solid growing income and that's the only thing you should care about. I love your asset allocation and the way you invest. Keep up your great work, I've put your blog into my blogroll. My readers should also benefit from your great ideas. Be sure, I will come back soon :-)
    Best Tom

    1. Thank you DY! Solid and growing dividends is exactly what we are shooting for. Hoping to one day use the dividends to supplement my retirement. I also like that a solid dividend stock portfolio provides ongoing income for future generations. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and the support, your blog is also on our blogroll. Best Wishes!! AFFJ

  4. Look like you will hit your target 2014 goals. Hope to see more of your progression in the future. I just started building and tracking my portfolio this year. Good luck

    1. Expat - Yes, we will likely reach our annual goal sometime before Christmas. We can then celebrate the holiday season and then its time to generate a new list of goals for 2015. ☺

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Best Wishes!! AFFJ

  5. Thanks for sharing your Dividend Income History. Congrats on your income growth year over year!

  6. Awesome info, thanks for being so candid.

    Do you mind me asking what your starting account size was to be able to take positions that offer this $ return?

  7. Impressive! Can you please update for the month of Feb & March 2019?