Thursday, October 22, 2015

2015 Goals (3rd Quarter Update)

In January, we set a total of 12 goals for the 2015 Calendar year.  We had made goals for our dividend stocks, P2P accounts, Blog, and Financial Milestone. 

Below is a progress report to show how we are doing on these 12 goals after 3 quarters of the year. With 3-months (or 1-quarter) left in the year, we should technically be 75% of the way towards meeting our goal. 

Based on these results, it appears that we are doing well and should be on target to accomplish most of the 12 goals we set for ourselves.  In fact, we've already accomplished 5 of the 12 goals.  It appears that goals #1, #4, and #12 are the ones we will need to work a bit harder on if want to accomplish them.  

Thanks for following along...stay tuned to see if we continue our current success! 

A Frugal Family's Journey

2015 GOALS


1.  Earn $3,000 in dividend income.
  • $1,994.50 - Wells Fargo Account
  • $281.77 - Edward Jones Account
  • Current total: $2,276.27 (75.8% of goal)
2.  Increase projected annual dividend income to $3,500.
  • $3521.68 - Wells Fargo Account
  • $358.25 - Edward Jones Account
  • Current Annual Projection: $3,879.93 (110% of goal)
3.  Increase number of holdings to 40 (stocks and/or ETFs).


4.  Have a combined $20,000 from both accounts.
  • $7,436 - Prosper
  • $9,947 - Lending Club
  • Current total: $17,383 (86.9% of goal)*
    • *Withdrew $2,000 to open and build a new Loyal3 account. No longer happy with P2P results.
5.  Maintain an average interest rate of 6.0% or higher (combined).
  • AVG return from notes is currently: 6.11% (on target)


6.  Write at least 84 posts (7 posts / month).

  • Currently total: 102 posts (121% of goal)
7.  Reach 150,000 total hits by end of the year.
  • Current total: 148,088 total hits (98.7% of goal)
8.  Increase stock analyses collection to 800+.
  • Current total: 871 stock analyses in our collection (108% of goal)
9. Cash out my first $100 from Google AdSense.
  • Currently total: $125.13 (125% of goal)


10.  Increase value of retirement accounts to $425,000.
  • Current total: $397,677 (93.5% of goal
11.  Increase Net Worth to $650,000 (excluding home equity).
  • Current total: $629,196 (96.7% of goal)
12. Reduce mortgage balance to $312,000.
  • Current Balance: $319,142 ($7,142 to reach goal).

What are your goals for 2015?

How are you doing?


  1. Great post, AFFJ! Coming late to the game in the blog-o-sphere, I wasn't sure what the annual goals were, so it's wonderful to see it written out so well, in such a concise format! Thank you for sharing, and nicely done on the progress!
    - Andy

    1. You're welcome. Hope to see you post a few public goals in the coming year. ;) Best wishes and continued success on your personal journey! AFFJ

  2. Great job! AFFJ, I am really glad to see you setting up SMART goals to achieve your financial independence. Hope everything goes according to the plans!

    1. Thank you. Thanks for stopping by and for the well wishes. We wish you and yours continued success as well. Regards, AFFJ

  3. AFFJ,

    AWESOME! Crushing quite a few of your investment, blogging goals, that's for sure. Looks like the last quarter of dividend income should get you over that hump. When will you set 2016 goals? Excited to see those!


    1. Lanny - we are hoping to accomplish at least 10 goals this year. With less than 3 months and 7 goals still unaccomplished, we know we need to step it up in a few categories. :)

      We love goals, even before blogging, we always had goals for ourselves. With that said, we definitely plan to set 2016 goals.

      Thanks for following us on our journey. Best wishes! AFFJ

  4. Great work there! Continue to be an inspiration to me.......

    1. Thanks David. We understand that life will throw us some twists and turns but we hope that we can pull through them and stay on track. Thank you for following us our our journey...we hope that we can continue to motivate and inspire all of our readers.