Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Collection of RECENT BUYS (January 2016 Summary)

Since I began investing in dividend stocks approximately two years ago I've been keeping a personal log of what other dividend bloggers and dividend investors are buying.  Until now, I've just done it for my own personal knowledge and it has proven to be a great resource I use when I have no idea what I should buy. 

The collection essentially highlights the Recent Buys I have discovered throughout the dividend blog community. I always like to see what others are buying.  And with this collection, one can easily see all the buys in one centralized source. I Hope everyone has found it to be a great resource!

In case you just want a quick summary of what everyone has been buying this past month, below is a chart that depicts just that! :)
(The chart and table above only includes companies with more than 3 buys)

During the month of January, a total of 128 buys were found throughout the DGI community. With the market experiencing its second worst month to start the year, looks like it made DGI investors a bit more active this past month. Although it is never fun watching your portfolio dip but it is nice to see more value buys out there!
To summarize the past month, out of a total of 128 buys found around the DGI community, a total of 68 companies were purchased, with 25 companies bought more than once.  From the buys collected, it appears that 53.1% of the time DGI investors picked up a stock  that was not purchased.  Last month, the difference was 68.6%. Always great to see the diversity among the DGI community as it helps opens our eyes to some companies that may not otherwise be on our radar.    
The most popular company this past month was Union Pacific Corp (UNP)which was purchased by 8 different investors throughout the DGI community. Back in December, although there were only a total of 65 buys found,  UNP was only purchased by two DGI investors.
There was a 2-way tie for second place between Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM), which were both purchased by 6 different investors throughout the DGI community. Back in December, out of the 65 buys found, BNS and ADM were purchased by 3 and 5 DGI investors, respectively. 

There was a 3-way tie for third place between Royal Bank of Canada (RY)  and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and 3M Company (MMM) with a total of 5 buys. Back in December, out of the 65 buys founds, MMM were purchased by 1 DGI investor, while RY and JNJ had not logged a single buy.

In fourth place was a 3-way tie between International Business Machine (IBM)HCP, Inc (HCP)and Caterpillar, Inc (CAT) with a total of 3 buys.

And although not included in the chart, there were a total of 16 companies with 2 buys:
  1. Apple (APPL)
  2. AT&T (T)
  3. BHP Billiton (BBL)
  4. Boeing (BA)
  5. Diageo (DEO)
  6. Emerson Electric (EMR)
  7. General Mills (GIS)
  8. General Motors (GM)
  9. Gilead Sciences (GILD)
  10. Main Street Capital (MAIN)
  11. Procter & Gamble (PG)
  12. Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B)
  13. Southern Company (SO)
  14. Toronto Dominion (TD)
  15. Walt Disney (DIS)
  16. Wells Fargo (WFC)
Data used for this SUMMARY is from our 

Purchases made by A Frugal Family's Journey:
As reported in our recent monthly portfolio update, our family was pretty active active this past month.  In fact, we ended the month with the second most buys logged in a single month as we made a total of 11 buys for our family's dividend stocks portfolio.  Our family purchased shares of Union Pacific Corp (UNP), International Paper (IP), Oracle Corp (ORCL), Genuine Parts Co (GPC), Royal Bank of Canada (RY), International Business Machine (IBM), BHP Billiton Plc (BBL), Wells Fargo Corp (WFC), Caterpillar Inc (CAT), and Capital One Financial (COF).  We added roughly $4,500 of new capital to the family portfolio which will add approximately $187.00 to our forward dividends.

What have you been buying?  Please feel free to share in the comments or send me a link to your Recent Buy post in case I happened to have missed it.

If you have a chance, make sure you also take a look at my COLLECTION OF STOCK ANALYSES!! As with my collection of recent buys, my goal is to make this collection also become a centralized source for everyone. It could become a place where one can get ideas on what to invest in next, to establish a desired stock purchase price, or simply to see what your favorite bloggers are buying.  Whatever your reason, my hope is that this collection proves to be a great reference tool and helps provide you that little extra advantage that you are looking for in order to succeed with your investing.

Also, if you have a chance, make sure you also follow or visit Adam over at I Want to Retire Soon (IWTRS) as he provides a weekly summary of recent buys! A link to past summaries is maintained on his blog. Another great resource for ideas if you are not sure where to invest next! 


  1. Thanks as always for the mention! Seems like there were a lot more buys in January than last month. Probably helps that the market has been declining and providing some nice value. Take care!

    1. You're welcome Adam. Glad to return the favor whenever we can. There was definitely quite a few more bus this month with the market off to such a bad start many DGI investors seized the opportunity to pick up a few value buys.

      Take care, AFFJ

  2. Hey AFFJ,

    Glad to see the two Canadian companies up there are two that I added to in the past month! Loaded up big time on Canadian financials in January - $RY, $BNS, $AD, $CWB. Great list.


    1. Yes, Canadian Banks are quite popular these days. Just noticed you picked up more shares in BNS recently. Way to go! We like and own BNS, TD, and RY and may continue to add a few more to our current holdings if prices remain at these levels throughout February.

      Thanks for stopping by, best wishes! AFFJ

  3. Interesting to see that so many people are buying Canadian banks. Not a surprise to me though considering they're so cheap now.

    1. We've noticed several bloggers had begun picking up shares in Canadian banks since last summer but their popularity certainly has picked in in the recent month. Great price, great yield and payout ratio, a nice buy and hold strategy at current levels! AFFJ

  4. Loved UNP when it was $90 and now I love it more although I don't have sufficient $US to invest as my local currency is weaker $CDN. Too bad.

    I see a lot of CDN banks which is great move for all of them. They are undervalued at this time. While I see there may be more headwind coming in a near future but I believe they are solid bets in a long term.

    Thanks for putting all of them together.


    1. You're welcome BSR. And agree that UNP looks quite attractive down near the $70 mark! In fact, we were lucky to have picked up shares when it dipped briefly below the $70 mark. I believe the stock has now bounce back to the mid-70s.

      Thanks for both following along on our journey and for leaving the comment. Best wishes my friend. AFFJ

  5. AFFJ,

    Interesting... UNP eh? That's very interesting to me! ADM was a no brainer, they've been all over the place and they just announced the 7% increase as well! Thanks for sharing again.


    1. Yep, UNP was the winner in January but ADM sure does look great as well. We have ADM on our short list for February and may just pick up a few shares if we don't see an unusually spike in its stock price.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend! AFFJ

  6. Clearly most of us in the DGI space were not shaken out of the market in January as evidenced by all these buys. I think we'll be seeing more Canadian banks buys, industrial plays like CAT, EMR and more as well as ADM if things stay the same in Feb. Thanks for sharing.

    1. With the January blues, many DGI investors went shopping for deals. UNP and Canadian banks were quite popular.

      Our family picked up shares on CAT this past month but like your other two suggestions. Both EMR and ADM are currently on our short list of potential buys.

      Appreciate the input. Thanks for stopping by. AFFJ