Monday, December 1, 2014



National Oilwell Varco Inc (NOV)
Purchased 9 shares of NOV on 12/1/2014 at $65.00
Total Spent: $585.00
$16.56 added to annual dividends

Ensco Plc (ESV)
Purchased 10 shares of ESV on 12/1/14 at $33.00
Total Spent: $330.00
$30.00 added to annual dividends

With oil prices at current lows, oil related stocks are currently on sale. In addition, both NOV and ESV hit their 52-week low today. Moreover, unless these go the route of SDRL with the suspension of their dividends, this purchase would qualify for the upcoming dividend payment as they come just days before the Ex-Dividend date. Even with all these reasons, we still consider these purchases as being higher than normal risk because of the unpredictability of oil prices, and the dividends associates with these stocks at the moment. Nevertheless, we think oil prices will eventually recover as well as the prices of these stocks and we are hoping that at these levels, we will be able to capitalize on that future growth.

We already own ESV, but NOV was a new addition to our family's dividend portfolio. With today's purchase, our family's dividend stocks portfolio currently has a total of 32 dividend paying companies that pay us just a little over $2,858/year in dividends (excluding Edward Jones Account). We do, however, expect that some of the dividends related to oil stocks may be reduced (and possibly even suspended) given their high yields.

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National Oilwell Varco Inc (NOV)

P/E: 11
Payout Ratio: 24%
Dividend Yield: 2.7%
Dividend Growth rate (5yr AVG): N/A (3yr AVG - 52%)
3 consecutive years of dividend increases
Next dividend Ex date: 12/3/2014
Have paid a dividend since: 2009 (5 years)
Pays a dividend 4 times a year.
Market Cap: 28.8 Billion
52-week high: $86.55
52-week low: $65.49

Ensco Plc (ESV)
P/E: N/A
Payout Ratio: 46%
Dividend Yield: 8.86%
Dividend Growth rate (5yr AVG): 130%
0 consecutive years of dividend increases
Next dividend Ex date: 12/4/2014
Have paid a dividend since: 2010 (4 years)
Pays a dividend 4 times a year.
Market Cap: 7.9 Billion
52-week high: $60.41
52-week low: $32.30

What are your thoughts about my recent purchase?

What are you buying?


  1. esv didnt raise their dividend?

    Link says 5 quarters in a row with 0.75 per share

    1. Thank you, I've updated the fact sheet based on your comment. I had used which apparently is slow with their updates.

      Thanks for the feedback. AFFJ

  2. Thanks for sharing your purchases. Some good names there and have been popular with other bloggers/DGIs.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks for stopping by R2R. We know these buys come with some risk but they are do not make up a large part of our portfolio and we are therefore comfortable with the amount of risk we are taking on.

      Let's hope all those bloggers/DGIs that have bought these lately are wrong. :) AFFJ

  3. Nice job picking up shares on the cheap. Looks like you bought at or near the 52week low for both stocks..

    1. Yeah...We couldn't resist with both being so close to their 52-week low. I wish I can say that new lows won't be set. I've been watching both stocks for awhile feel we paid a reasonable price for the risk/reward. :)


  4. AFFJ,
    Those are excellent buys! I am kinda familiar with NOV and its on my current watchlist the entry yield is getting more appealing as the price is getting lower plus they have a solid fundamentals.
    I took a quick glimpsed of ESV and their dividend growth is astounding with a nice payout ratio of 46%. EPS growth appears solid. Whats the reason behind the dividend freeze, too bad they broke their streak of dividend growth :( but still a great buy due to the fact of high entry yield.
    I will be following your journey to FI.
    Take care,

    1. FFF - Thank you for stopping by...we would be honored if you followed us on our journey. We also will be following your journey as well.

      Cheers to dividends and FI! AFFJ

  5. Way to take advantage of this oil drop! I like both of these purchases, as you nailed them with buying at 52 week lows! I'm hoping we don't see any dividend cuts in the oil sector, but who knows. I just bought BP this week to add to my position, and now it's back up to above the price I paid at the beginning of November. The market is unpredictable to say the least!

    1. SAD - Oil stocks are definitely unpredictable but that is probably why they are offered at such great bargains for those will to stomach the ride. Hoping that buying in at these prices, the waiting game will be less painful. :) AFFJ

  6. Great purchase and taking advantage of the oil drop!

    1. Thanks Tawcan...oil stocks seem to offer the best bargains. 52-week lows to me simply screams sale! :) AFFJ