Thursday, December 11, 2014

Retirement Accounts (Update) - December 2014

For several years now, our retirement accounts have been growing at a decent pace...this year, however, the performance has been pretty anemic! I am thankful that, overall, we are not losing money. But as our readers probably already know, the anemic growth is one of the reasons why our family has now decided to switch our focus towards building our Dividend Stocks Portfolio and P2P Lending Accounts so as to have optional income streams in retirement. Nevertheless, we will still continue to track these accounts as they are still part of our retirement plan.


Below is a quick update to show the current values of our retirement accounts as of December 1, 2014.  For a more comprehensive list of values (beginning January 2014) and details of these accounts, please visit the Retirement Accounts page on our blog.

As of December 1, 2014

Cash Value of Pension$210,287
($1,817 increase from November update of $208,470)
Total value of 457K: $118,660
($750 increase from November update of $117,910)
Roth IRAs
Total value of Roth IRA accounts: $55,018
($435 increase from November update of $54,583)
For the second straight month, we saw increases in all, three of our retirement accounts.  In all, these three accounts increased a total of $3,002. Not as good as the $6,311 we saw last month but I will take a monthly gain over a monthly loss any day!

As it stands, the total amount of our retirement accounts is currently valued at: $383,965 (up from $380,963 reported last month). We currently contribute to my 457K (up to my company's match - 3%) and also $200 each to a Roth IRA for both myself and my wife. Although we are not entirely happy with their growth, we still feel that the 457K and Roth IRAs should remain part of our retirement plan.  If for nothing more, the 457K and Roth IRAs will help supplement my pension. 
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  1. Looks great on your retirement accounts. I'm not familiar with 457k but I assume that's something similar to 401k?

    1. Thanks Tawcan. I can't really complain too much if the needle continues to go up and not down. :)

      Yes, a 457K is the equivalent of a 401K but specifically designed for public sector employees.

  2. Thanks for sharing your retirement outlook. Always nice to see increases in several accounts at once. Keep feeding the beast and look forward to your next dividend updates.

    1. Thanks DivHut...I don't blog much about my retirement accounts because they are pretty much on auto-pilot. I have automatic investments set and simply re-balance twice a year. Definitely glad to see them move upwards. :) AFFJ

  3. Got to love everything in the green! Solid month of gains to your retirement accounts and you got to love that upward trend, no matter if it was below last month.. a gain is a gain!

    1. Thanks SAD...totally agree. Whether in inches or in miles, I'm always glad to see the movement going in the right direction. :) AFFJ