Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Recent Buys - (NYSE: AFL, GE, ORI, & DE)

  1. Aflac Inc (AFL)
    • Purchased 10 shares of AFL on 7/30/14 at $61.40
      • $14.80 added to annual dividends.
  2. General Electric Co (GE)
    • Purchased 20 shares of GE on 7/28/2014 at $25.50
      • $17.60 added to annual dividends
  3. Old Republic Int'l Corp (ORI)
    • Purchased 35 shares of ORI on 7/28/2014 at $15.20
      • $25.55 added to annual dividends
  4. Deere & Company (DE)
    • Purchased 6 shares of DE on 7/25/2014 at $86.00
      • $14.40 added to annual dividends
AFL was the only company I had already owned. I originally purchased shares of AFL earlier this year (see previous post in May 2014).
GE, ORI, and DE were new holdings for our family's dividend stocks portfolio. Glad to have had the opportunity to grab some shares in these great companies while the valuation appears attractive. The recent purchases added $72.35 to our family's annual dividends payout.

      Aflac Inc (AFL) -
    • P/E: 9.50
    • Payout ratio: 23%
    • Dividend yield: 2.30%
    • Dividend growth rate - 5yr average: 7.03%
    • 31 consecutive years of dividend increases
    • Next dividend ex date: 8/18/14

     General Electric Co (GE)
    • P/E: 19.99
    • Payout ratio: 69%
    • Dividend yield: 3.30%
    • Dividend growth rate - 5yr average: 4.66%
    • 3 consecutive years of dividend increases
    • Next dividend ex date: approx. 9/19/14

     Old Republic Int'l Corp (ORI)
    • P/E: 9.19
    • Payout ratio: 33%
    • Dividend yield: 4.90%
    • Dividend growth rate - 5yr average: 1.29%
    • 7 consecutive years of dividend increases
    • Next dividend ex date: approx. 9/2/14

     Deere & Company (DE)
    • P/E: 9.32
    • Payout ratio: 23%
    • Dividend yield: 2.80%
    • Dividend growth rate - 5yr average: 14.03%
    • 10 consecutive years of dividend increases
    • Next dividend ex date: approx. 9/26/14

What are your thoughts about my recent purchases?


  1. Some great purchases there, AFFJ. I would like to add somethign in the insurance sector. AFL looks great and I like the track record. But I havent done any research on that sector. Will need a closer look and will probably spend some time this weekend reading up on it.

    Best wishes with your investments

    1. R2R - Thanks for stopping by and your comment.

      In case you missed it, I provided a link to a previous post back in May when I had originally purchased AFL. In the previous post, I had provided a more detailed analysis of AFL and also provided links to a few articles from other bloggers. It should give a start on your research.

      And of course, don't forget about the links from my collection of stock analyses! :)

      Best Wishes. AFFJ

  2. AFFJ,

    I understand most of the picks but why ORI? They pay 4.9% but are you expecting them to move back to the $20+ level?

    1. BDI - I do expect ORI to eventually rise to $20+ given the low P/E ratio. But the main reason for my purchase of ORI is based on my confidence in the overall stability of the dividends given the current payout ratio. Although the dividend growth rate isn't as high as I would prefer, they still have a current streak of 7 consecutive years of dividend increases.

      Thanks for stopping by and your comment. AFFJ

  3. I really like DE and AFL here. I am hoping to add a position in both. These two are probably the best value in the market. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Mongrel - AFL and DE both have low payout ratio and decent growth, hard not love these two right now. :) We would consider adding more if they stay at these levels or drop.

      Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes. AFFJ

  4. AFFJ,

    Aflac looks good here and I bought some today on the pullback. I also like GE and obviously it continues to give great opportunities to lower my cost basis. :-)


    1. MDP - lots of great deals starting to surface with the recent dip in the market. Personally, I hope it continues so we all have opportunities to initiate some value buys! :)

      Keep adding to that pipeline. AFFJ

  5. Nice purchase I just bought DE in July also. I like AFL & GE and have it on my watch list.

    1. Thanks for the feedback...and with the recent dip, prices look even more attractive than when we bought in. Definitely considering increasing our position in all three this coming month.

      Wishing you success in your journey! AFFJ