Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Collection of RECENT BUYS (May 2017 Summary)

Since our family began investing in dividend stocks approximately two and a half years ago, I've been keeping a personal log of what other dividend bloggers and dividend investors are buying. The collection essentially highlights the Recent Buys that I discover throughout the dividend blog community. Its nice to see what others are buying, if for nothing more to get some ideas.  

This collection started out as my own personal data sheet but I have since decided to share it with the DGI community.  I am glad I did because, as evident in our recent post (We Just Joined the 500K club), it has been once of the more popular pages on our blog!! We hope it everyone continues to use our Collection of Recent Buys and it remains a great resource for all. It can be a lot of work to maintain but we remain committed and will do our best to keep this list up to date. 

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During the month of May a total of 57 buys were found throughout the DGI community. Based on the buys found, it appears that DGI investors are finding nice yields (mostly above 3%) in this months buys.   

Below is a chart and corresponding table that identifies those companies that were purchased at least two times this past month: 
To summarize the past month, out of a total of 57 buys found around the DGI community (with a minimum total of $300), a total of 34 companies were purchased with a total of 8 companies that were bought more than once. From the buys collected,  DGI investors picked up a stock not purchased by others 59.6% of the time. We definitely like to see the diversity in purchases made throughout the DGI investing community.  The wide range of stocks bought shows independent analysis and strategies among investors and indirectly introduces new stocks to those whom are looking for ideas.   

For the month of May, both AT&T (T) and General Mills Inc (GIS) lead the charge as the most popular stocks among DGI investors this past month. Both companies were purchased by 6 different investors throughout the DGI community. At 5.04% and 3.34% yield, respectively, both companies provide  a nice dividend above the 3% level.
The second most popular stock this past month was Verizon Wireless (VZ) which was purchased by 5 different investors throughout the DGI community.  At 4.97%, VZ is yet another great stock with a juicy dividend yield. Our family also managed to also grab a few shares of this popular choice among DGI investors. On May 17, 2017, our family picked up 15 shares of Verizon Wireless (VZ) at $44.88. We actually think AT&T Inc. offers a slightly better value, but since AT&T already makes up a little more than 6% of our portfolio, we decided to grab shares of VZ. 

Rounding up the third was a 4-way tie between Omega Health Care Investors Inc (OHI), General Electric Co (GE), W.W. Grainger Inc (GWW), and Realty Income Corp (O)All four companies were purchased by 3 difference investors throughout the DGI community. Once again, the theme continues.  At 8.01% ,3.44%, 2.96%, 4.88% yields, respectively, it appears DGI investors are finding nice yields in these popular stocks.
The last stock to be purchased more than once was Emerson Electric (EMR). Not to be outdone, EMR offers an attractive yield at 3.24%.    

Data used for this SUMMARY is from our 

What have you been buying?  Please feel free to share in the comments or send me a link to your Recent Buy post in case I happened to have missed it.

If you have a chance, make sure you also take a look at my COLLECTION OF STOCK ANALYSES!! As with my collection of recent buys, my goal is to make this collection also become a centralized source for everyone. It could become a place where one can get ideas on what to invest in next, to establish a desired stock purchase price, or simply to see what your favorite blogger is buying.  Whatever your reason, my hope is that this collection proves to be a great reference tool and helps provide you that little extra advantage that you are looking for in order to succeed with your investing.

Also, if you have a chance, make sure you also follow or visit Adam over at I Want to Retire Soon (IWTRS) as he generally provides a weekly summary of recent buys! A link to past summaries is maintained on his blog. Another great resource for ideas if you are not sure where to invest next! 


  1. AFFJ -

    Love the post and thanks for sharing, want Realty Income to drop a dollar or so more, SO BAD!


    1. You're very welcome. It's our pleasure. Always interesting to see what other DGI investors are buying.

      And hopefully O offers a slightly deeper discount. We would like to grab a few shares ourselves. :)

      Best wishes my friend. AFFJ

  2. I think right now you are the only doing it,adam stopped it.
    As said above give you a list of stocks to check.

    1. Hthanks for letting me know. I'll have to ask Adam if it is just a short hiatus or if he intends to discontinue for good.

      I'm glad the tool proves useful for, if nothing more, ideas for potential companies to further research and invest.

      Regards. AFFJ

  3. GIS, GWW and GE for me. I also picked up some HRL after their price swoon and surprised more people didn't add to it. Perhaps their yield is too low. Thanks for sharing.

    1. All great stocks and especially long term buys. We own GE and have GIS on our short list. May pull the trigger soon. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by. AFFJ

  4. Nice post I didn't buy any of those but am seriously considering the conversion rate for general mills.

    1. Thank you. Not quiete sure how the conversion come into play for Canadians but GIS is on our short list as well. Hopefully we both get our opportunity to buy GIS at our target price. AFFJ

  5. It is a imagine post, i think it is seriously consider to the conversation rate for all general mills. somebody likes nice to see what others should buying, so that's why it is good.
    Get more information -

  6. thanks for keeping up with list of recent buys!

  7. Your Table & Graph had OHI twice. "...Rounding up the third was a 4-way tie between Omega Health Care Investors Inc (OHI), General Electric Co (GE), W.W. Grainger Inc (GWW), and Realty Income Corp (O)..."
    the second one is O.

  8. Sounds about right. Those are all popular names and I see a lot of activity among the community with them. I myself, started a new position with O back in May. Then just bought some more GIS earlier this week. Nice to see some good value in this market.

  9. I'm really glad I found this post and will definitely look forward to future ones. I'm looking to add 5 more stocks in my portfolio, including a few of the ones mentioned here. I'm seriously considering VZ, GIS and will now give serious consideration to OHI.

    At first I thought it was going to be difficult to find 5 stocks I like. Now, I think the challenge is that there are so many good options, I don't know which 5 to pick.

    Thanks for the post. It was helpful.