2017 - Collection of Recent Buys

As a kid, I always liked to collect things.  I've collected, marbles, rocks, sports cards, comic books, etc. I guess as an adult, I still like to collect things. In November of 2013, I began a Collection of Stock Analyses.  Then in November of 2014, I began this Collection of Recent Buys. The collection essentially highlights the recent buys I have discovered throughout the dividend blog community.  I always like to see what others are buying.  And with this collection, one can easily see all the buys in one centralized source. 

The Spreadsheet Below only covers the current 2017 year, In case you are interested, we archived the Collection of Recent Buys for 2015 and 2016 year as well.

NOTE: List contains only buys totaling $300 USD or more.

The collection was created in a Google Docs Spreadsheet so that I may continue to maintain and update the list remotely from multiple devices. I plan to provide updates for new stock analysis as I become aware of them so please make sure to check back periodically as the list will be updated frequently. 

This collection is a tribute to the bloggers whom prepared these detailed stock analyses. My goal is to make this collection become the centralized source when one begins their research on a particular dividend stock company. Whether your a beginner or a veteran, I want this to become an invaluable reference tool for you all. Best part, unlike other subscription based sites, I plan to keep this completely free for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. Feel free to share with all of your friends and family! 
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  1. Always great to see so much buying activity among our fellow dividend investing peers, especially with the market at all time highs. Can't believe how many VFC buys I have seen.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Will bookmark this for future use. Had a real-estate question to ask you folks and was wondering if you had a PM inbox link for the blog? Have a good weekend.

  3. I really like this idea of showing the communities stock purchases. Especially if someone is looking to add to their watch list, this is a perfect place to go to find quality companies. Just pick from the list that you see being bought by a lot by other peers. Thanks for putting the list together.

  4. are you still updating this list?