Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Collection of RECENT BUYS (October 2015 Summary)

Since I began investing in dividend stocks approximately two years ago I've been keeping a personal log of what other dividend bloggers and dividend investors are buying.  Until now, I've just done it for my own personal knowledge and it has proven to be a great resource I use when I have no idea what I should buy. 

The collection essentially highlights the Recent Buys I have discovered throughout the dividend blog community. I always like to see what others are buying.  And with this collection, one can easily see all the buys in one centralized source. I Hope everyone has found it to be a great resource!

In case you just want a quick summary of what everyone has been buying this past month, below is a chart that depicts just that! :)
(The chart and table above only includes companies with more than 3 buys)

During the month of October, a total of 86 buys were found throughout the DGI community.  This was 16 less buys than last month, and 46 less buys from the month before, it appears that the buying activity has definitely cool down since the summer buying spree. I have not idea what is truly going to happen but I sense the market will remain volatile which means there will continue to be buying opportunities in the market.     

To summarize the past month, out of a total of 86 buys found around the DGI community, a total of 59 companies were purchased, with 15 companies bought more than once.  For the second straight month, it appears that DGI investors have their eyes on different stocks. From the buys collected, DGI investors picked up a stock  that was not purchased by others 68.6% of the time.  Last month, the difference was 57.8%.
  1. The most popular company this past month was Kinder Morgan, Inc (KMI)which was purchased by 7 different investors throughout the DGI community. KMI was tied for 5th last month with 3 buys and was 3rd back in back in August with 6 buys.  
  2. In second place was Wal-Mart Stores, Inc (WMT), which was purchased by 4 different investors throughout the DGI community. WMT was also tied for 5th last month with 3 buys but was not even in the list of companies purchased more than once back in August
  3. There was a four-way tie for third place between Emerson Electric (EMR), Ventas, Inc (VTR), Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B), and Cateriller, Inc (CAT) with a total of 3 buys.  
And although not included in the chart, there were a total of 9 companies with 2 buys:
  • Potash Corp (POT), HCP, Inc (HCP), Procter & Gamble (PG), AT&T Inc (T); BHP Billiton Plc (BBL), Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM), Gilead Science Inc (GILD); BP Plc (BP); Chevron Corp (CVX).

Purchases made by Frugal Family's Journey:
This past month our family made a total of 2 buys for our family's dividend stocks portfolioOf course, we wished we would have made more buys this past month, but still glad to have made the two purchases that we did.  What can I say, we like going with the popular vote as evident from our Ask the Reader post.  With that said, we bought the second most popular choice in Wal-Mart Stores, Inc (WMT), and the third most popular choice in Ventas, Inc (VTR) 

What have you been buying?  Please feel free to share in the comments or send me a link to your Recent Buy post in case I happened to have missed it.

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If you have a chance, make sure you also take a look at my COLLECTION OF STOCK ANALYSES!! As with my collection of recent buys, my goal is to make this collection also become a centralized source for everyone. It could become a place where one can get ideas on what to invest in next, to establish a desired stock purchase price, or simply to see what your favorite bloggers are buying.  Whatever your reason, my hope is that this collection proves to be a great reference tool and helps provide you that little extra advantage that you are looking for in order to succeed with your investing.


  1. KMI really was hot last week! Always fun to look back over the month and see the hot stocks. Some great values in these names. Thanks as always for putting this together!

    1. KMI has been hit pretty hard in the past month. We saw it go down in the low 20s. There is still rough waters ahead but I think KMI will eventually rebound.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Adam. AFFJ

  2. I appreciate this series, but I just don't understand what Kinder Morgan is doing. As the stock plummeted, Richard Kinder, who has always been constantly buying shares......has quit. The company has taken on a tremendous amount of debt. I recognize that the company's long term contracts are fairly safe and predictable, but I also recognize this one is outside my circle of competence!

    1. I think a large part of the stock decline is due to the recent purchase offer. If I recall, the offer put the value of KMI stock at roughly $23.50. The stock has been down near that level since. We own shares of KMI but think we will stay on the sidelines for now.

      Glad you like the series. Thanks for commenting Bryan. AFFJ

  3. If I were to buy, I will only KMI, WMT and VTR. >,^

    1. All three are at great values. As the chart above reveals, you would be in great company if you choose to buy any of the three. :)

      Regards. AFFJ