Friday, July 31, 2015

Retirement Accounts (Update) - July 2015

As our readers already know, our family has switched our focus towards diligently building our Dividend Stocks Portfolio and P2P Lending Accounts in an effort to building additional income streams for retirement so we don't have to solely rely on the typical retirement vehicles.

We will still continue to track are retirement accounts (pension, 457K, Roth IRAs) as they are still part of our retirement plan.  Plus, although they are mainly invested in mutual funds, we still need to keep an eye on them and re-balance them periodically.



Below is a quick update to show the current values of our retirement accounts as of July 1, 2015.  For a more comprehensive list of values and details of these accounts, please visit the RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS page on our blog.

As of July 1, 2015

Cash Value of Pension$224,181
($2,359 increase from last month's update of $221,822)

Total value of 457K: $122,671
($1,649 decrease from last month's update of $124,320)

Roth IRAs
Total value of Roth IRA accounts: $56,567
($1,250 decrease from last month's update of $57,817)

Although we continue to see gains in our pension account, partially because both my employer and I continue to contribute to it each and every paycheck, our retirements accounts still saw an overall decline of $540.  Nobody wants to see a decline in their investments and/or retirement accounts, but since I know we are still years away from retirement, I am actually thankful for the opportunity to buy more shares at lower costs during each and every dip we have.  

As it stands, the total amount of our retirement accounts is currently valued at: $403,419 (down from the $403,959 reported last month).  

Click below to view retirement accounts page


We currently contribute to my 457K (up to my company's match - 3%) and also $200 each to a Roth IRA for both myself and my wife. Although we are not entirely happy with their growth, we still feel that the 457K and Roth IRAs should remain part of our retirement plan.  If for nothing more, the 457K and Roth IRAs will help supplement my pension. With some of the uncertainties around government pension these days, they could very well serve as back-up plans as well. 

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