Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mid-Year UPDATES from Around the DGI Community!!

I recently posted our family's mid-year progress report, and specifically, where we stood with each one of our 11 annual goals.  And although we don't post our progress here each and every month, we actually review our progress each and every month. After all, goals mean nothing if you don't periodically look at them to see where you stand, right?! 

With the above said, I thought I'd share a few links of mid-year progress reports from fellow DGI bloggers that I follow:
  1. Roadmap 2 Retire - R2R recently provided an update on his annual goals in his quarterly update.  He has 5 goals listed and has already achieved one of his goals!
  2. Pollies Dividend - Pollie recently provided his readers with a mid year review of his annual goals.  He has 5 goals and seems to be on track to accomplish each one of them.  He even raised 2 of his goals. 
  3. Dividend Diplomats
    • LANNY - Lanny recently provided a 2nd quarter check-up on his annual goals. He has 7 goals, 4 are monetary goals while 3 are non-monetary goals.
    • BERT - Bert also provide his readers with a 2nd quarter review of his annual goals. Bert also has 7 goals but only one goal in non-monetary.  As a sports fan myself, I can appreciate his non-monetary goal. :)
  4. Dividend Mantra - Jason recently provided his readers with a mid-year goals review. He has 4 goals and well on his way towards meeting each one of them.
  5. Dividend Growth Journey - Ryan provided a update to his 2015 goals back in June. He has 4 goals to help him stay on track with his investment strategy and well as his current and forward dividends.
  6. I Want to Retire Soon - Adam recently provided an update to his annual goals along with his June Summary. He has 5 goals and is on track to accomplish them all.
  7. The Dividend Drive - TDD provided their readers with a progress report for the first half of the year. They have 7 goals and one goal is already achieved.  They are on track to accomplish at least 6 of their 7 goals.
  8. DivGro - FerdiS provides an update on his goals in his recent 2nd quarter review. He has 4 goals: financial, health and an awesome goal to climb the world tallest building. 
  9. Financially Free by 40 - Huw recently provided a 6-month goals update for his bloggers. He has a multitude of goals that are broken into Financial goals, Business goals, Employment goals, Physical goals, Emotional goals, Relationship goals, Contribution goals, and Blogging goals.
  10. Leigh's Financial Journey - Leigh recently provided a 2nd quarter update for her readers. She has 11 goals and has already accomplished one.  She is on track to meet at least 8 of her 11 goals.
Although, a recent update was not posted, I thought I'd also mentioned that the following bloggers also provide annual goals on their blog:
As you can see, many bloggers have annual goals for themselves.  What do you think, is there a possible correlation between having goals and success? I don't consider us a success story just yet, but I can tell you that what our family has accomplished thus far has been with the help of having annual goals for ourselves.  Whether you decide to public announce your goals or not, we encourage everyone to set goals for yourselves.  Even one goal is better than none! 


  1. I definitely think that there's a big correlation between setting goals and making big improvements. I know it's helped me to stay focused whenever I catch myself slipping a bit. I normally like to provide SMART goals each year but this year was just too crazy and so much was unpredictable. I'd love to set a few goals for the rest of the year but not only is work very inconsistent right now but they changed our pay structure too so that adds even more uncertainty to my financial situation this year.

    1. I agree JC, compared to the years that we didn't have written goals, we have certainly seen greater progress.

      It's understandable that you didn't have an opportunity to think of and write down goals. You had more important things on your mind. It's amazing you've manage to do as much as you have with your blog given what your family has been through with your son's health. With or without goals, we enjoy and support your financial journey!

      Best wishes and continued success my friend. AFFJ

  2. Thanks for sharing the compiled list, AFFJ. And thanks for including my on the list.
    Great to see that most bloggers are well on their way to achieve their annual goals.

    Best wishes

    1. Glad to return the favor whenever we have the opportunity. Your friendship and ingoing support has certainly helped us reach some of our blogging goals!

      I agree, I like reading updates bloggers, both to appreciate how others are doing and appreciate where we are on our journey.

      Cheers to accomplishing goals!! AFFJ

  3. Thanks for the mention! It's pretty cool to see so many bloggers setting goals. Even if they fail, are too easy, or too hard, they are still something to target and learn from. Imwithout tracking progress and setting goals, I think it is much more difficult to succeed long term.

    Thanks for compiling the list. Interesting stuff!

    1. You're welcome Adam. Hope it brings a few readers to your site. I totally agree that through goals, it's much easier to succeed over time.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Best wishes. AFFJ

  4. Thanks for the mention, AFFJ!

    I have no doubt about the correlation between setting goals and success. More importantly, stating goals publicly or having some other form of accountability is particularly helpful.

    FerdiS (virtually climbing the Burj Khalifa 30x this year)

    1. No prob FerdS, glad to plug a fellow blogger when I can. And yes, having accountability through public goals certainly provides extra motivation to succeed!

      Cheers to success through goals. AFFJ

  5. Replies
    1. You're welcome buddy. Good luck with your 2015 goals! AFFJ

  6. I follow most of them and they are truly inspirational!

    1. Agreed BSR! I always get something out of each an every blogger that I follow. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. AFFJ