Friday, January 30, 2015


Chevron Corporation (CVX)
Purchased 5 shares of CVX on 1/30/2015 at $100.00
Total Spent: $500.00
$21.40 added to annual dividends
National Oilwell Varco Inc (NOV)
Purchased 12 shares of NOV on 1/28/2015 at $54.00
Total Spent: $648.00
$22.08 added to annual dividends

We decided to make a few more purchases this week and add shares of two companies to our family's ividend stocks portfolio.  On 1/28/15, we picked up 12 more shares of NOV to add to our portfolio. Our recent purchase brings out total holding to 36 shares in National Oilwell Varco, Inc (NOV). 

Today, we followed that up by initiating a position of 5 shares in Chevron Corporation (CVX) at exactly $100.00 when we saw it dip below the 52-week high.  It went as low as $98.88, but we are still happy with our purchase of CVX at $100.00. So with our purchase today, CVX became the 34 stock/ETF we currently hold in our family's dividend stocks portfolio.

With the purchases mentioned above, our estimated forward dividends grew another $43.48 and now stands at approximately $3,296/year in dividends.

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Chevron Corp (CVX)

P/E: 9.40
Payout Ratio: 39%
Dividend Yield: 4.28%
Dividend Growth rate (5yr AVG): 9.64%
19 consecutive years of dividend increases
Last Ex-dividend date: 11/14/2014
Next Ex-dividend date: approx. 2/12/2015
Have paid a dividend since: 1912 (103 years)
Pays a dividend 4 times a year.
Market Cap: 192.99 Billion
52-week high: $135.10
52-week low: $98.88

National Oilwell Varco, Inc. (NOV)
P/E: 9.81
Payout Ratio: 27%
Dividend Yield: 3.5%
Dividend Growth rate (5yr AVG): 24.37%
4 consecutive years of dividend increases
Last Ex-dividend date: 12/3/2014
Next Ex-dividend date: approx. 3/3/2015
Have paid a dividend since: 2009 (5 years)
Pays a dividend 4 times a year.
Market Cap: 25.23 Billion
52-week high: $86.55
52-week low: $52.14

What are your thoughts about my recent purchase?

What are you buying?


  1. Great buys. I am loving that yield on CVX - a top dividend paying stock and at a great PE too. I am currently buying Royal Dutch.


    1. Yes, we were happy to initiate shares in CVX at the century mark. The next Ex-dividend is in about 2-weeks too so we are also happy that today's purchase means that we'll be seeing a return on our money fairly soon. :)

      Royal Dutch Shell is a company we are watch also but decided to go with CVX instead. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Best Wishes! AFFJ

  2. Ive seen NOV a couple times in recent buys w/ other bloggers. Need to take a look at it. Very familiar w/ CVX and have been adding and will continue to add. $100 is good price.

    1. This was our second purchase of NOV in less than a month. I believe Jason from Dividend Mantra has been buying up shares lately too. Payout ratio is low so I feel it is a good one to hold onto and wait out for oil prices to recover.

      Glad to finally become a fellow shareholder in CVX. We've been watching the stock for a while and it has been near $100, but haven't dipped below $100 on our watch. Glad we got the opportunity to buy in today and would continue to buy even if the price continues to fall further. CVX is definitely a stock we plan to hang onto for years to come.

      Cheers! AFFJ

  3. I owned CVX several years ago and back in the late 90s before it was CVX (Texaco). The ticker was CHV. I have to say that $100 or below is starting to really make sense to me though I think it can go well below $100 if our current environment stays the same. This may be one of my first energy picks for my long term portfolio. NOV, though looking compelling does not interest me as much. Thanks for sharing your recent buys with us.

    1. DivHut - I total agree with you...although $100 is a good deal, if oil supply continues to grow and prices remain low, it will be hard for oil companies to get their desired profits. As a result, these stocks could find themselves much lower.

      NOV is a popular stock lately but I can understand you wanting to stay away. There is certainly more risk with NOV than CVX but we feel relatively safe with their dividends given the low payout ratio.

      Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes!! AFFJ

  4. Great purchases. I bought CVX at around 108 the other day and then it dropped to low 100s. My lack of patience got the better of me. oh well, such is life

    1. Thanks Div4Dummies - We've been watching CVX for quite some time and actually set a limit order for $100 awhile back. In December, we saw prices dip but never reached $100 and then bound back above $110. We thought we missed the boat on CVX so definitely glad to have the opportunity to buy in when it dipped briefly under $100 on Friday. :) AFFJ

  5. I think CVX is the definition of blue-chip, dividend investing right now. I'm long CVX, BP, COP and RDS.

    1. Adam - There is definitely some values in oil stocks right now. We are also watching BP, COP, and RDS. Being long on any of the 4 mentioned is definitely not a bad idea. Except for COP, all are large companies with over $100 Billion market cap which means they have a lot more cushion for a fall if things take longer to improve. Long term, I have no doubt that oil prices will recover. As much as I would love to see gas prices in the $2 range, I can't see it staying here forever. :)


  6. Great buys. I want to get more CVX once I can add more capital into our RRSP.

    1. Thanks Tawcan...glad to hear we are in good company. Hope you get an opportunity to add more at these great prices. AFFJ

  7. Cant go wrong with the CVX purchase at these prices, AFFJ. NOV, on the other hand, I dont know much about...but energy names are trading at quite a discount...and I know some other bloggers are also picking up NOV these days.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks R2R...many great value plays in the energy and oil sectors right now. We sort of went with the consensus here. For whatever reason, we always find comfort knowing we are not the only ones to jump on or off the train. :) AFFJ