Friday, May 1, 2020

April 2020 (Recap) - DIVIDENDS RECEIVED

The only good news I have to share is that in the midst of this COVID-19 (otherwise known as Coronavirus) outbreak, our family is still receiving our dividend payments.  For now at least! Let's see how many companies cut their dividends in the coming month or two. Fingers crossed that it isn't a huge majority. Time will tell as nobody really knows yet how significant the financial impact of this pandemic really is.

Right now, our family is trying to pile cash and remain on the lookout for some quality dividend-payers to buy and hang onto for the long haul. We have set a few limit orders and now waiting for the company stocks to reach our target price.  What is everyone else doing? Are you buying?   

Now for what you all came to see, below is a list of the dividends/partnership distributions that we received from our family's dividend stocks portfolio.

During the past month, 8 companies/ETFs/Partnerships. The total monies received from those 8 companies/ETFs/Partnerships was: $393.94

Below is a breakdown of the dividends/partnership distributions received this past month:


4/01/20 - LADR (LADDER CAPITAL CORP): $17.00
4/15/20 - VER (VEREIT INC): $68.75
4/15/20 - OXY (OCCIDENTAL PETE CORP): $114.55
4/15/20 - CAH (CARDINAL HEALTH INC):25.98
4/17/20 - NTR (NUTRIEN LTD): $33.75
4/30/20 - MO (ALTRIA GROUP INC): $37.80

4/22/20 - CMCSA (COMCAST CORP): $94.11


How did you all do? Hopefully you all continue to see your dividends growth month after to month, year after year! 

In case you interested, our family's dividend stocks portfolio 
may be found by clicking on the link below:


  1. AFFJ -

    Dividends do continue to roll in. I have been purchasing aristocrats, no doubt. Companies such as ADM, AFL, T, PBCT, etc..

    Nice job with your month, by the way!


    1. Thanks Lanny. It is certainly nice to continue seeing dividends when the overall market is generally falling. Although we no longer post our buys and sells on here, we too have been picking up discounted shares of aristocrats. Long term, we see a lot of growth for some companies. Meanwhile, we sill just sit back and collect dividends while we wait for prices to recover. :)

      Best wishes and success buddy! AFFJ

  2. Nicely done AFFJ. Love how the dividends continue to roll in for you. We've been busy buying lately too. :)

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  4. Congrats on another solid month in dividend income AFJJ. MO is the only company on your list that I have. Let's hope the dividends keep rolling in.

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  6. Congrats on a solid month. This is my first time here. I love your profit growth. In April I only earned $4.33 in dividends. I'm starting over with dividend investing, so I have a long way to go. I look forward to seeing how much dividends you will receive in May.Could you tell me where it is better to invest today? Thank you, waiting for an answer!