Friday, July 9, 2021

Net Worth Report (July 2021 Update)


We originally set out to provide just annual Net Worth updates and then eventually started to do quarterly updates.  Now that we have significantly slowed the pace of our posts, I think we will like just pop in once or twice a year simply to let everyone know how we are doing and to keep ourselves honest and looking forward to our ultimate goal of early retirement and/or Financial Independence!  

Also, in case you have not come across it, we are part of an active list of bloggers who provide their net worth. The list was previously on Rockstar Finance blog, but The Ultimate List of Blogger Net Worth can now be found on the Caleb Net Worth blog. Unfortunately, it appears that the list is no longer being maintained, it is still fun to see if we can continue to climb the static list and hopefully reach the top one day. :) 

According to the list, which was last updated on May 20, 2020, our family was at No. 52 (out of a total of 283 bloggers). And after our previous update in August of 2020, we had jumped up a few spots to No. 38 on the list. And after this post, we continue to move up the static list and stand at No. 22 (albeit static since it hasn't been updated). With my wife now back in the workforce this past year and her hours and paychecks are both steadily growing, we have continued to see significant momentum with the growth in our family's net worth growth past year. I am happy to say that I also just received a long-overdue promotion this past month so that momentum should continue as we look to finish the last few laps of our financial journey and prepare for retirement in about 6 years or less.  

As of July 1, 2021, our family net worth was as follows:

Retirement Savings:                    $ 768,763 
P2P Lending Account (Prosper):    $    1,936
Dividend Stock Accounts (DSA):     
    Wells Fargo:                            $  77,803
    Edward Jones:                         $  26,385 
DSA - Surplus Cash:                    $  28,313

College Savings Accounts:            $132,834
Cash and Savings:                        71,572
(Increase of $177,176 since August 2020)

Although we do not count it as part of our Net Worth,
it is still nice to know that our Home Equity is:
(Increase of $214,003 since August 2020)

Although we don't consider our home equity as part of our Net Worth, we understand that some people do.  So for those who include home equity in their Net Worth, our family's net worth would be considered: $1,987,455 (An increase of 
$391,179 since August 2020). Even during Covid pandemic, our family saw some very impressive gains in the last 11 months. For one, we finally reached the $1 million mark without our home equity! Yay! I can now officially say that we are millionaires. To add to that, with our home equity, we are now inching towards the $2 million mark!

* Although others do consider home equity, and even cars, collections, etc. as part of their net worth, it is our opinion that since these items are not very liquid and the value of these items is highly dependent on what others are willing to pay for them (at the present time), we have decided not to consider these type of assets as part of our family's recognized net worth.


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