Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Net Worth Report (Jan 2018 Update)

We originally set out to provide just annual Net Worth updates and then eventually started to do quarterly updates.  Now that we have significantly slowed the pace of our posts, I think we will like just pop in once or twice a year simply to let everyone know how we are doing and to keep ourselves honest and looking forward to our ultimate goal of early retirement and/or Financial Independence!  

Also, in case you have not come across it, we are part of an active list of bloggers who provide their net worth on Rockstar Finance's page - The Ultimate List of Blogger Net Worth.

With that said, at the end of the first quarter, our family net worth is as follows:

Retirement Savings:                      $ 520,034
P2P Lending Accounts:                   $    8,203
Dividend Stock Accounts (DSA):     $   87,983
DSA - Surplus Cash:                      $  18,282
College Savings Accounts:              $  75,837
Cash and Savings:                         $  51,018

(Increase of $57,717 since April 2017)

Although we do not count it as part of our Net Worth,
it is still nice to know that our Home Equity is:
(Increase of $13,656 since April 2017)

Although we don't consider our home equity as part of our Net Worth, we understand that some people do.  So for those who include home equity in their Net Worth, our family's net worth would be considered: $1,321,388 (Increase of $71,373 since April 2017).  It's a pretty awesome figure when you include the home equity but until we can accumulate 7 figures without our home equity, I refuse to consider myself a millionaire. 

* Although others do consider home equity, and even cars, collections, etc. as part of their net worth, it is our opinion that since these items are not very liquid and the value of these items is highly dependent on what others are willing to pay for them (at the present time), we have decided not to consider these type of assets as part of our family's recognized net worth.


  1. AFFJ -

    Getting closer to $1M. Sick. Keep it up!


  2. You're definitely doing something right AFFJ. I finally calculated my net worth using personal capital but still deciding if I want to blog about it. I did include my house, but only because it didn't make that much difference if I excluded it, but I understand the appeal of not including it.

    I hope 2018 will be a good year for your net worth also.

    1. Thank you. I completely understand that some what to be more private with their figures. We see it as accountability to ourselves.

      Best wishes. AFFJ

  3. Those are awesome numbers. I go back and forth on whether to count equity as net worth. In terms of FI, I suppose it makes sense not to count it since the home doesn't throw of dividends and you can't easily capture gains.

    But...if you were so inclined you could sell, add the proceeds to your FI money, and do the digital nomad thing, or just rent. So the possibility is there.

    1. You absolutely have a point. I guess one day we may downsize and thus realize some proceeds from our home equity. But if we never sale, the home equity only means something to the next generation. :)


  4. AFFJ you killing it on the net worth. That retirement savings is awesome. do you have that in a special account? Keep it up.

    1. Thanks. Our retirement is in several accounts, none are “special” haha But most of our retirement accounts are tied up in mutual funds.

      Regards, AFFJ