Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Frugal Family's Journey - We Just Joined the 400K Club!!

A BIG "Thank You" to everyone that has supported, and continues to support and visit our blog...whether you have been with us from the beginning or you've just recently joined the journey, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support.  

We started blogging about our frugal family's journey approximately 35 months ago on March 15, 2014. Our blogging journey started out as a hobby and simply a way to keep on track of our progress. Flash forward 2 years and roughly 11 months later, I am thrilled to announce that because of each and every one of our readers, we just reached yet another milestone.  As of yesterday, February 3, 2017, we became proud members of the 400K club! 

It took approximately 15 months to reach our first milestone of 100,000 page visits to our blog. It took us the next 6 months and 28 days to reach our second milestone of 200,000 page visits milestone. Then, even with a 6-week hiatus last summer, it took us 7 month and 11 days reach our 300,000 page visits milestoneWe did that on September 13, 2016. 

Kind of like the compound interest theory, things are definitely progressing much quicker these days.  I'm happy and blessed to say that we reached the 400,000 page milestone yesterday, in just 4 months and 22 days!

Since I am somewhat of a stats nerd, below are some additional stats behind our 300,000 visits.

Top Referring Sites

BIG thanks to and twitter, but we also want to recognize and give special thanks to Captain DividendMy Dividend PipelinePassive Income Pursuitand Rockstar Finance for the additional traffic from your respective blogs. Lastly, although not present on the list above, I would like to also thank two other fellow bloggers and friends, Roadmap2Retire and I Want to Retire Soon, for your continue support and mention of our Collection of Recent Buys and Collection of Stock Analyses.  

Also, thanks to all that have tweeted or re-tweeted our posts.  Our additional presence and our followers on Twitter has truly helped us continue to grow. In case you would like to follow us on Twitter, we can be found under: @FrugalFamilyof4.  I'm proud to say that we now 1,475 followers on Twitter 

Most Popular Page Visits
Our top three most popular page visits are: 1) Dividend Stocks Portfolio with 15,186 page views; 2) 2015 - Collection of Recent Buys with 12,505 page views; and 3) 2016 - Collection of Recent Buys with 10,430 page views. It appears that in addition to our family's dividend stocks portfolio, readers are definitely using the Collection of Recent Buys. We will continue to do our best to continue keep this collection, along with our Collection of Stock Analyses, current and popular. 

Most Popular Posts

Our top three most popular posts are: 1) Stocks Added to Collection of Stock Analyses - December 2016 with 2,267 page views; 2) P2P Accounts (Update) - August 2014 with 2,083 page views; and 3) Stocks Added to Collection of Stock Analyses - November 2016 with 1,938 page views. It appears that readers value the UPDATES to our Collection to Stock Analyses more than the actual collection itself.  Seeing these results, we will certainly make sure to provide updates more frequently.  

Thank you again everyone!! These post received the page views they did because of you (our readers and fellow bloggers).  Thank you for reading and/or sharing our post with others. We truly appreciate each and every one of you for the support!

Top Page Views By Countries

We are tremendously grateful that our blog has seemed to have a worldwide presence as evident by the chart above.  However, the top page views to our blog came from the following top three countries: 1) United States, with the largest presence at 262,257 page views; 2) Russia in second with 18,225 page views; and 3) Germany in third with 17,186 page views.  US and Germany have consistently been in the top three for each milestone to date.  The surprise here is that Russia has leap over Germany to overtake the second spot.  Russia was previous in fourth.  And Canada, who was previously in second, seemed to have lost ground during this last milestone.  

It fun to look at the stats and maybe even create a little friendly competition with them.  But the reality is, near or far, first or tenth, we truly value each and every reader.  Thank you for visiting and we hope you continue to do so. 




  1. Very nicely done. I am only new to blogging so I am a loooong way off reaching numbers like that. I have just broken the 2k total views mark and I am very happy with that for only having my blog for a month. I hope your viewership continues to grow.

    1. Thank you. Keep it up and you'lol continue to grow. Stay genuine and the followers and page views will come. One advise is don't you over commit yourself and blog for fun. We learned this year that once blogging becomes a chore, it's no longer fun and you have less motivation to continue.

      Best wishes and continued success! AFFJ

  2. Great job! It's inspiring to see this and best of luck on your goals this year. I'm adding your blog to my page and will be stopping by often! --R

  3. Congrats, I love watching my stats too, but something struck me as too good to be true about mine lately so I did some research and found that the way Google counts pageviews changed recently--can't find the article again now, but just something to keep in mind. Hope those numbers continue to climb