Friday, March 25, 2016

Retirement Accounts (Update) - March 2016

As our readers already know, our family has switched our focus towards diligently building our Dividend Stocks Portfolio and to some extent P2P Lending Accounts in an effort to build additional income streams for retirement so we don't have to solely rely on the typical retirement vehicles.

We will still continue to track are retirement accounts (pension, 457K, Roth IRAs) as they are still part of our retirement plan.  Plus, although they are mainly invested in mutual funds, we still need to keep an eye on them and re-balance them periodically.


Since we see such little change in these accounts, we decided sometime last summer to stop providing monthly reports of our retirement accounts. We've probably posted 2 updates since.  This year, we've decided to do quarterly updates.  

Below is a quick update to show the current values of our retirement accounts for the 1st Quarter of 2016.  Please visit the RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS page on our blog to see our retirement savings journey!

Cash Value of Pension
March value: $239,650
February value: $237,730
January value: $236,189

Total value of 457K
March value: $112,765
February value: $112,991
January value: $118,761

Roth IRAs
Total value of Roth IRA accounts 
March value: $53,940
February value: $53,517
January value: $55,747

Watch the inconsistency in the performance of our 457K and Roth IRAs only validates our decision to switch our focus towards building a dividends stocks portfolio. Based on the numbers above, our pension is really the only shining star thus far this year! 

Currently, the total amount of our retirement accounts is valued at:

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  1. AFFj,

    BOOM! Over $400K and not stopping. So awesome, congratulations!


    1. Thanks Lanny. Certainly greatful to have crossed the $400K mark.

      Cheers to continued growth! AFFJ

  2. Financially, you all are doing great! Between retirement and the stock portfolio, you have about $500k!

    I have a have about $230k for Cash Value of Pension. Does that mean you are eligible for a pension from your job as long as you leave the funds there, and should you choose to withdraw the funds you forfeit pension benefits?

    1. Thanks Mr. TOL. As for the cash value, you are correct. I have the option to take the cash value or pension. But I'd say that 90% of everyone (if not greater), go with the pension because it's a better long term choice. AFFJ

  3. Hi AFFJ -- great update and thanks for sharing.

    For the reasons you point out, I truly wish I could take over management of my 401(k) and my wife's 403(b) accounts. The mutual funds provided as options just don't perform all that well. I'd much rather invest in great dividend growth stocks such as in my portfolio!

    The option of changing jobs is not on the cards -- we love our jobs!

    Best of luck with your journey to FI
    FerdiS, DivGro

    1. FerdiS - If it wasn't for the match incentive, we wouldn't be putting anything towards the 457K. Right now, we are only putting 3% towards the 457K because it is a dollar for dollar match. The rest of our extra funds each month is going towards the Roth IRA and dividend stocks account.

      I know exactly what your saying about the job changing. Although I don't "love" my job, I do like many aspects of it. :)

      Thanks for commenting. Best wishes! AFFJ

  4. Nice work. $400k is a serious amount. Now we just need the market to keep going up. $500k is just around the corner.