Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fun Goals (Update) - Mud Run & Hike No. 12

As promised, I am trying to add a more personal touch to the blog this year. Hope you enjoy the various posts and pictures from our family adventures. Thank you for following along with us on our journey to FI! 


Well, after being sick for two weekends straight, I was certainly glad to get back outdoors. On Saturday, I did a new mud run or OCR (obstacle course race) as some would call it. It was just a beginners course with 3.2 miles and 12 obstacles but it certainly didn't lack in the "fun" category.  I'm still waiting on some action photos from the race but it was definitely the muddiest I've been after a race and this was my 3rd mud run too!

Entrance were everyone is still clean!
The Goliath
Another shot of the Goliath
Sign where everyone goes after the race for a photo

Sorry I didn't take many photos but I wasn't sure how I could take along my cell phone without the risk of losing it or getting it damaged in mud and/or water. Wished I had a GoPro because I would have taken some pretty cool shots! Maybe when we are Financially Free! :) For now, I'll have to settle for the photos taken along the way by the race organizers. 


Then on Sunday, the entire family went on our longest trail to date.  I'm very proud of my 3 year old son who did 2.88 miles (without being carried!) on Sunday.  Yes...it took us almost two hours, but considering this was his longest trail to date, he was a champ!

The hike we did was in Mission Viejo, CA called the Oso Creek Trail. It was a very family friendly hike with trails ranging from just short of a half mile long to ones that were close to 6 miles. There were so many people out that day either walking their dogs or taking a nice stroll with their families. We even found a really cool park and playground for the kids. Surprisingly, they still found enough energy to play for a short while after our hike. As you will see from the photos, it was a very scenic trail with several unique points of interests. We will definitely be back later this year!  

Art columns and tile walkway

One of several bridges to cross the creek
View of the creek from the trail
 My daughter getting a better view
 Cool circular maze along trail
 Kids excited to go down and go through the maze
 Bridge view from creek level
 flower lines walkway
Small decorative bridge that doesn't cross the creek
Awesome playground with 3-story slides

So with Sunday's hike, I am happy to say that I am on my 12th hike and now just 14 hikes away from completing my 2016 fun goal of 26 hikes!! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying the added personal touch to our blog this year. :)

Best wishes, AFFJ


  1. Thanks for sharing AFFJ. I can say we enjoy the more personal posts. It's fun to see what other families are doing, and I personaly love traveling....or being out in nature....which my family. I hope you guys have a great week!

    1. Thanks Bryan. The truth is I've actually been inspired to add more personal posts from seeing all your travel posts. Thanks for sharing your adventures. We plan to do the same. :)

      Best wishes. AFFJ

  2. Great post, AFFJ -- I agree with Income Surfer. We enjoy these personal stories and love to follow along. I particularly like how you involve the whole family in some of these hikes. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

    FerdiS, DivGro

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback FerdiS. Glad it seems to be a nice addition to our blog. We will commit to sharing more adventures throughout the year. Stay tuned as we are planning adventures to Arizona, Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Sedona. Planning to get a few more hikes in during our trips, hopefully at every location. :) AFFJ

  3. I totally agree with Income Surfer and Ferdi S. This post has rather come as a fresh breath of air. Thank you so much for this. Hope you stay inspired to continue writing such personal posts.

    1. Great to hear Jonny. Really appreciate that you took the time to leave us the feedback. Good or bad, all feedback from our readers is always welcomed. Hopefully, through feedback, we can continue to keep our posts interesting for our readers.

      Thanks again, take care. AFFJ

  4. I think personal exercise is a hedge against future medical bills in retirement. I.E. you are indirectly investing in your future financial health by investing in physical health! Keep it up.

    1. Could agree with you more WE. I also think that being active and staying active rubs off on other aspects of ones life. For our family, being outdoors means less time in front of the TV and iPads! I have also noticed that we tend to eat better too.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Best wishes. AFFJ