Thursday, December 3, 2020

November 2020 (Recap) - DIVIDENDS RECEIVED


Our family recently contemplated moving to a larger home that could comfortably fit our family of four as well as my aging parents who are now living with us permanently. With housing prices skyrocketing in the past year, and inventory is quite low, we decided to stay and make certain improvements to our existing home instead. I'm happy to say that construction has begun. Working from home with construction activities in the background has certainly been a challenge. Things have progress fairly quickly though. Hoping to be done by Thanksgiving, if not sooner!

As for the stock portfolio, we have pressed pause while we try to cash flow our home improvements which should end sometime just after the upcoming elections. Hopefully, with the presidential race decided, it will help us decide on where to invest our monies as each candidate brings certain benefits and concerns for investors.   

What is everyone else doing? Are you buying anything right now?   

Now for what you all came to see, below is a list of the dividends/partnership distributions that we received from our family's dividend stocks portfolio.

During the past month, 5 companies/ETFs/Partnerships. The total monies received from those 5 companies/ETFs/Partnerships was: $230.00

Below is a breakdown of the dividends/partnership distributions received this past month:


11/2/20 - T (
AT & T INC): $52.00
11/16/20 - KMI (
11/19/20 - ET (ENERGY TRANSFER LP): $38.13
11/19/20 - DHC (
11/20/20 - BKR (BAKER HUGHES A GE CO): $16.20

11/2/20 - (AT & T): $49.21


How did you all do? Hopefully, you all continue to see your dividends growth month after month, year after year! 

In case you interested, our family's dividend stocks portfolio 
may be found by clicking on the link below:


  1. AFFJ -

    $230 is killing it. Further, so many strong dividend companies - have to love that AT&T dividend and hopefully Kinder Morgan keeps those increases coming!



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  3. Uh oh, looks like a spammer has left a comment above. :)

    A very solid month AFFJ. Looks like you have a large position in AT&T. I'm bullish on AT&T so hopefully my bold prediction will come true.

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