Monday, August 31, 2015

Recent BLACK MONDAY Purchases!!

As everyone already knows, this past Monday was a pretty wild ride in the market. After historic 1,000-point plunge, Dow dives 588 points at close....the 588 decline was the worst since August of 2011. As a long term investor, we were definitely happy to see the correction we've been long awaiting. Sales were to be had throughout the market and our family went shopping! 

By the time the day was over, we had 7 limit orders execute.  In no particular order, below are the 7 companies that we bought on 8/24/2015:

  • Enbridge Inc - 9 shares for $37.17/share
  • Union Pacific Corp - 4 shares for $80.00/share
  • Occidental Petroleum Corp - 5 shares for $64.08.share
  • Kinder Morgan Inc - 12 shares for $29.00/share
  • Johnson & Johnson - 4 shares for $90.00/share
  • Oneok Partners LP - 12 shares for $28.09/share
  • W. P. Carey Inc - 6 shares for $58.00/share.

We ended up spending a total of $2,380.01 on the 7 recent Black Monday buys. Our purchase will net an estimated average yield of 5.5% with our estimated forward dividends increasing by another $132.73, putting our yearly dividends at approximately $3,219/year (excluding our Edwards Jones account) and $3,576/year (including our Edward Jones account).

Of our buys, six out of the seven buys were companies that we had already owned. We did, however manage to pick up shares of W.P. Carey Inc to add yet another dividend paying stock to our family's dividend stocks portfolios (WF and EJ Accounts). Our portfolio now stands at a total of 47 different dividend paying stocks/ETFs and also 4 companies that either don't pay a dividend our has currently suspended their dividends.

Our family's dividend stocks portfolio may be found
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We also maintain an extensive list of stock analysis
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We also just started a list of Recent Buys by other bloggers
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What are your thoughts about my recent purchase?

What are you buying?


  1. Wow...some great purchases there, AFFJ. All high quality companies at discount prices. Congrats on taking advantage of the panic!


    1. Thanks R2R - wished I had more money to spend but glad I was able to put roughly $2,400 to work for me! :) Market took another dip today so there are are still quite a few great buys out there. We are certainly looking to keep up the momentum well into September. :)

      Thanks for visiting. AFFJ

  2. Great work AFFJ! Those are some incredible deals you got there. I hope we get another sale soon.


    1. Thanks Ken. Market dipped just over 400pts today. Not quite at the bottom of last Monday but there are still some great buys to be had. :) We set a few more limit orders tonight so we are routing for this correction to continue well into September.

      Hope you are able to grab a few discounted shares this coming month. Best wishes. AFFJ

  3. Nice purchases! My portfolio is quite heavy on WPC at the moment. It's a great stock but I need to diversify more. It sure pays out nice dividends though!

    1. Thanks Adam. We own a few REITs and although the dividends have been steady, the stock prices seem to be dropping these days. We all need to remind ourselves to diversify but have to admit it is hard sometimes when you see such great yields and/or deep discounts in a certain sector. :)

      Thanks for commenting. AFFJ