Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stocks Added to Collection of Stock Analyses (Update) - End-Month (April 2015)

For those who are not yet familiar with my extensive collection of individual dividend stocks. The collection is currently comprised of 678 stock analyses (and still growing) with links to various stock analyses that I found throughout the dividend blog community.  
The collection was created in a Google Docs Spreadsheet so that I may continue to maintain and update the list periodically. My plan is to provide bi-monthly updates (one at mid month and another and the end of the month) to inform everyone of new stock analysis I have recently added to my collection.
The collection goes back two years.  Eventually, as the collection grows, I am planning to only keep stock analyses for a one year time period. You should also know that to help highlight the stock analyses that have recently been created during the last 2 months, I have provided NEW!! at the end of those analyses.

The following is a list of newly added stocks analysis that were prepared during the second half of the month of APRIL (2015):
        1. American Water Works (AWK)
          • by Roadmap 2 Retire
        2. Ameriprise Financial, Inc (AMP)
          • by Chuck Carnevale
        3. Aqua America, Inc (WTR)
          • by Roadmap 2 Retire
        4. Archer-Daniels-Midland Co (ADM)
          • by Dividend Developer
        5. Canadian National Railway (CNR)
          • by Dennis McCain
        6. Cincinati Financial Corp (CINF)
          • by Dividend Growth Stocks
        7. Cisco Systems, Inc (CSCO)
          • by Passive Income Pursuit
        8. CSX Corp (CSX)
          • by Dennis McCain
        9. CVS Health Corp (CVS)
          • by Pollies Dividend
        10. Eaton Corporation (ETN)
          • by Dividend Engineering
        11. Emerson Electric Company (EMR)
          • by Dividend Growth Stocks
        12. International Business Machine (IBM)
          • by Dividend Growth Stocks
        13. Illinois Tool Works, Inc (ITW)
          • by Dividend Growth Stocks
        14. Lockhead Martin Corp (LMT)
          • by Dividend Growth Stocks
        15. Norfolk Southern Corp (NCS)
          • by Dividend Diplomats
        16. Philip Morris International, Inc (PM)
          • by Dividend Growth Investor
        17. Philip Morris International, Inc (PM)
          • by Sure Dividend
        18. Qualcomm, Inc (QCOM)
          • by Passive Income Pursuit
        19. Ross Stores, Inc (ROST)
          • by Dividend Growth Investor
        20. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc (WMT)
          • by Ken Faulkenberry
Hope you like the new and improved updates
with links provided directly in this post!
Please feel free to leave me a message if you prepared a stock analysis during Second Half of April 2015 that I did not include in my post.  I would be more than happy to add your stock analysis to both this post and our collection of stock analyses.  Please make sure to confirm that it is a dividend paying stock and that it is a individual stock analysis.
My goal is to make this collection become the centralized source where one begins their research on a particular dividend stock company or at the very least, a source to confirm if a company stock is worth buying. Whether your a beginner or a veteran, I want this list to become an invaluable reference tool for you all. Best part, unlike other subscription based sites, I plan to keep this completely free for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. Feel free to share with all of your friends and family! 

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